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We are a young and dynamic team working on helping people who got scammed and prevent scams before they even happen. With Coldchain who is part of the OSL and also a active validator we have a good link to other projects and can coordinate our efforts. Furthermore, Nick and Felix have both more than 5 years of experience in Blockchain development and can therefore use their experience to realise our projects.

The Four Tenets of Our Work


Our process begins with research, looking for malicious activity through social media or blockchain data. Then, we proactively investigate ongoing scams and engage in various information-gathering tactics.

In addition to analysis, we utilize tactics such as wallet honeypotting, malicious UI investigation, and registration record snooping to understand scammers’ patterns better and design our systems around them.


Once we identify a malicious address, we utilize our forensic expertise to track and monitor the address’ withdrawal and deposit history - tracing transactions across multiple blockchains and sometimes even to social media. If we can successfully identify a scammer or malicious actor, we take steps to limit their presence and access.

Support victims

We can’t prevent every scam, but we will be here for every victim. Our recoveries are performed by retrieving locked, bonded, or staked funds.

If coins have already left a victim's wallet - we cannot get them back, but we will follow up with our research and monitoring processes to track where the funds are sent and investigate all recipients.


We know that scamming and malicious behavior will continue to rise as cryptocurrency gains popularity. That’s why we’re taking protective measures now.

We’re working with organizations such as Chainapsis - the makers of the popular cryptocurrency wallet Keplr - to enable phishing domain filtering. In addition to our work with Chainapsis, we’ve partnered with the OSL from Osmosis for direct support references.