Frequently asked questions

What is the Cosmoshield Recovery service?

At Cosmoshield, we operate a recovery service to retrieve (part of) a user’s funds. We operate based on token unbonding/unlocking times to programmatically extract the remaining tokens from a compromised wallet.

How does the Cosmoshield Recovery service work?

You will need to make an account to enroll in our recovery service. This will unlock the ‘Contact’ tab, where you can access a private chat with us. We ask that ALL communication be handled through this portal for confidentiality.

After enrollment, we will ask for proof that the address truly belongs to you. The easiest way to prove an address belongs to you is with a withdrawal receipt (screenshot) from a centralized exchange, showing the wallet you withdrew to or an adjacent wallet.

  • If multiple wallets are involved in the transfer, we will ask for bridged transaction receipts or other forms of evidence.
  • The exchange withdrawal receipt must be of a deposit to your wallet at least two weeks prior to the unbonding event. Any deposits older than two weeks will be subject to additional review.

After verification, we will ask for your seed phrase or private key. We understand that you should never give out your seed phrase; however, the wallet is already compromised, which means the attacker already has your seed phrase or private key.

If you are uncomfortable with providing your seed phrase or private key, then we will not be able to perform the recovery. This is because your seed phrase or private key is the ONLY way for us to access the wallet, and the attacker already has it.

What should I do while I wait?

We recommend doing a few things while you wait for Cosmoshield to perform the recovery:

  1. Ensure that you are using official browser extensions, and remove any unknown or outdated extensions. You can download Keplr and Metamask by pressing them here.
  2. Do not save the seed phrase digitally when you create a new wallet. Wallets with a digitally stored seed phrase are susceptible to malware, phishing, and other forms of digital attacks.

    If you have access to a safe or safety deposit box, it may be wise to store it there, where it will never be accessed unless it's an emergency.
  3. We HIGHLY recommend using a hardware wallet, such as a Ledger. Ledger devices are known for their compatibility with many different networks. You can purchase one through our referral link here!
  4. Lastly, you can learn how to stay aware and proactively avoid scams! We release bi-weekly Medium articles discussing common scams, techniques to avoid them, and tips for protecting yourself online! You can read more at

Does Cosmoshield charge a fee?

We charge a 10% commission based on each recovery we perform. This means you will always receive 90% of the recovered amount.* * We cannot ensure the complete success of our recoveries. If we are less than 80% successful in your recovery, you will receive 100% of the recovered balance with no commission charged.