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Domain Reason Status
mutidevtools.42web.io Bonjour, jai été victime d'un scam sur un faux site web et cette adresse cosmos1p38css0zhm8nkxyldz63lgc4yzp2vdyursv0y2 volé mes tokens il a completement vidé mon wallet, il me reste des tokens en unbonding qu'il va encore voler.
dappmans.com scam URL Fraudulent
aidrop.org Hosting fake airdrops Fraudulent
defi-events.net Scam url Fraudulent
osmosis.dexclaim.com airdrop scam site Fraudulent
apps-osmosis.zone Scam Fraudulent
osmosis-zone.tech Scam Fraudulent
terraswvp.web.app Fraudulent website
station-terra1.web.app Fake website - Scam
ssosmosis.org fake Fraudulent

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About the Cosmoshield Scam Blacklist

The Scam Blacklist contains all fraudulent websites that have been detected through our monitoring or by user reports. The blacklist itself is updated multiple times a week and syncronised with the Keplr Phishing block list. The Keplr Phishing black list is a joint effort between Chainapsis and Cosmoshield to prevent scams before they happen.

If you want to integrate the Blacklist into your project you can do so by using the github repository or our API which comes with more features like a search and pagination. If you need a custom solution feel free to reach out to us and we'll do our best to help you.

Hacked wallet recovery

A hacked cryptocurrency wallet puts the victim in a bad situation. But as long as the coins didn't leave the wallet (for instance because of a unbonding period) they aren't lost and there might be a chance to get them back through a recovery.

To achieve this we've developed a script which submits transactions to the blockchain very fast in order to beat the scammer.

You can contact us at any time through the contact site to get helped with your hacked wallet.