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Domain Reason Status
oraix.cc Fake airdrop/scam Fraudulent
claim-thorchain.org Airdrop scam Fraudulent
oraix.net Fake airdrop/scam Fraudulent
syncswap-blue.xyz airdrop scam Fraudulent
starknet.aldrops.network airdrop scam Fraudulent
ycombinator.events YC claim scam Fraudulent
oraix.io Fake airdrop/scam Fraudulent
www.mydropped.net A fake airdrop/balance website. Type in any ETH-style address and you will see the hundreds in ION / USDT that you "have" That dashboard page seems to have a JS error right now, but looks to be wanting to send people to WalletConnect. Fraudulent
earn-thorchain.com Phishing scam used in KeplerHomes discord compromise. Fraudulent
basesname.org fake base name service Fraudulent

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About the Cosmoshield Scam Blacklist

The Scam Blacklist contains all fraudulent websites that have been detected through our monitoring or by user reports. The blacklist itself is updated multiple times a week and syncronised with the Keplr Phishing block list. The Keplr Phishing black list is a joint effort between Chainapsis and Cosmoshield to prevent scams before they happen.

If you want to integrate the Blacklist into your project you can do so by using the github repository or our API which comes with more features like a search and pagination. If you need a custom solution feel free to reach out to us and we'll do our best to help you.

Hacked wallet recovery

A hacked cryptocurrency wallet puts the victim in a bad situation. But as long as the coins didn't leave the wallet (for instance because of a unbonding period) they aren't lost and there might be a chance to get them back through a recovery.

To achieve this we've developed a script which submits transactions to the blockchain very fast in order to beat the scammer.

You can contact us at any time through the contact site to get helped with your hacked wallet.